Layup Options

Squirt Kayak Layups

We believe that no matter which lay-up you choose for your new boat, standard or beefy, you should be able to paddle it with confidence. Our standard lay-ups are tough and durable, while remaining stiff and light; they will suit most any typical squirt application. If for any reason, you would like us to build a specific custom lay-up, we can discuss it and build a boat as per your requirement. See Lay-up Options Below for details.


The standard lay up is plenty stiff and impact resistant for serious squirtboating. It is adequate for deep mysteries and most playspots.


  • 6/8 – glass, polyester, kevlar construction
  • glass and kevlar reinforcing
  • epoxy based vinylester resin hull and deck
  • glass and kevlar inside and outside seams with epoxy resin
  • dynel tips
  • glassed in cockpit rim
  • bow and stern grab loop webbing
  • foam seat and hip pads
  • bow and stern walls
  • float test included


For those paddlers that feel they need more than the standard lay up, the beefy lay up offers extra strength and stiffness with no additional weight added.


  • 6/8- glass, polyester, carbon/kevlar construction
  • glass and carbon/kevlar reinforcing
  • epoxy based vinylester resin deck and hull
  • beefed up glass and kevlar inside and outside seams with epoxy resin
  • plus all the features of the standard boat


  • Custom Graphics – custom graphics do not have to put you over your budget to be cool looking and effective. Only if they are labor intensive, where a lot of taping, masking and pattern preparation is required, do we charge extra for their creation.
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • U Bolt Installation
  • Customer specific lay up, if required

Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Jackson Kayaks

Murky Water Jackson Kayaks are built light and tough! With lots of layup options available, you can get a boat that built for what you want it to do—with reinforcement added to your needs. Surfing big waves? No problem! Going to hit the bottom in shallower holes? we can add material to the ends. These boats are built strong with materials like Innegra, carbon, nylon, and the revolutionary co-mingled innegra/carbon fabric, and resin/vacuum-infused, these boats are built to last! You can also enjoy beautiful custom graphics, and even a custom chop! Add or take volume/height from the seam like for a slightly larger or smaller boat. We offer them in two lay-ups, the Kevlar (glass, kevlar and foam core laminate all resin infused) and the Carbon (we use a material called Aerialite X, which is a new innovative technology from Innegra Technologies, where they co-mingle carbon and Innegra to make a new fiber with the best qualities of both). Both lay-up options are resin infused and have a foam core for stiffness.