The Chili Pepper

Need paddling speed to get into the right take-off spot when the waves get big? Want a fast boat to make it into and out of the barrel at a crunching beach break? Check out the Chili Pepper.

Chili Pepper excels on those big days when short boats just can’t seem to get going. At 8’6” long, the Chili Pepper is longer than most short boats, giving it plenty of paddling speed to make it into a shifting peak on big days. It climbs easily over big walls of whitewater on the paddle out and is stable and comfortable in windy, choppy conditions. But it not only performs well in tough conditions, it rips on clean waves too. With the Chili Pepper you get flat-out speed and quick turns. The rounded pintail and tri-fin thruster set-up keeps the boat locked in on hollow tubes and lets you crank radical turns off the top.

The Chili Pepper gives you the best of both worlds – the comfort, paddling and speed of a long boat along with the maneuverability of a short boat.

Designer: Richard Starr

Length: 8’6”

Width: 24 3/4″


About the Designer

Rick Starr is a long-time kayaker and board surfer from Santa Cruz, California. He has surfed on the US Surf Kayak team since 1995, winning 2 world championships during that time. Rick earned the nickname “Mr. Consistency” for routinely surfing in the finals in world competitions. Rick is known for his big turns and perfect control on waves.