Designed for high performance surfing and with the smaller paddlers in mind ! This ski like kayak has been used by Darren Bason for the last 12months and has really pushed the limits of what you can do in a surfkayak .  It has more drive out of the turns and accelerates with every manouver .  A new hull gives maximum performance but also with the chines on the rail makes the Rampage very forgiving for both beginners and advanced paddlers alike( no tripping when you come down from one of those big re-entries). It makes surfing vertical look easy and airs are  common sight once you have mastered the Rampage!

Although the Rampage is smaller than the Evolution and Revolution ,its mainly in the volume and not the length, we have taken the the tail in and made the kayak slightly more narrow and reduced the volume through the front. It makes the Rampage more suited to the smaller frame adult or junior , so if your under 5’10”  and under 11 stone (70kg / 150lbs) this is the ideal surf kayak for you !!

Designer: Random Kayaks

  •  Length 7’3”  232CM
  • Width 60cm
  • Depth 30cm at highest point
  • Paddler Weight Range = 30 kg +
  • Cockpit: 30cm x 75cm
  • Max paddler weight 80kg


  • Sharp rails,Soft chines on the front rail
  • Thruster fin set up,
  • Single to Double Concave hull,Square tail

About the Designer

Random Kayaks

Darren Bason emigrated from the UK to Australia and now has his own surf kayak company with his partner Terry Robson Petch who has been designing wave skis for over 10 years. Random Surf Kayaks was born and the first surf kayak “The Evolution” has taken the world by storm with its smooth shape and progressive surfing ability. The “Evo” is pushing the limits of surf kayak ever forward, already it has proven its worth with Steve Farthing (Aus) winning the World Masters title at the 2009 World Championships and judging by the pics they show no signs of stopping. www.surfkayaking.com.au