Here are our available colors, as you can see it’s a rainbow!

Combine with metal flake to create beautiful color combinations that really pop! We realize that making these decisions can be one of the most challenging aspects of deciding on your new ride – if you are struggling with ideas give us a call and let us help you!

Custom Graphics

We absolutely welcome your input and designs! We will work from verbal descriptions, hand sketches, graphic images, patterns, as well as logos. Classic designs include flames, spirals and swirls. The possibilities are truly endless which can be bit boggling, so to find inspiration see our gallery as well and use Google image search if you have an idea like “nebula” or “blue fire.” Call or email to discuss your ideas!

Click here to download outlines of popular Squirt Kayaks so you can doodle! (PDF)


Metal Flake

Metal flake is a glitter, which is suitable for wide variety of applications including gel coats. The primary function of metalflake is to produce graphics of dynamic color and luster which can produce subtle or bold effect and which are limited only by the imagination. Metal flake comes in wide range of colors and different sizes. The larger the flake size the more sparkling the effect. Density of the flake ranging from high to low, as well as the background color, will also produce different effects. For example, red metal flake backed by red gel coat will offer up a richer red color, versus red metal flake backed by black gel coat, which will produce a darker effect.

Lets Talk!

This is probably the most exciting and sometime most difficult part of ordering a new boat! Graphics and color combinations are almost endless, but the choices can lead some to perplexity; we are always more than happy to help with suggestions and ideas. Also, you can go to Colors and Graphics for metal flake and pigment selection as well as some graphics ideas.