Hand Crafted Composite Kayaks

Our custom kayaks are lovingly hand crafted especially for you with the highest standards and quality materials at a very competitive prices.

Squirt Kayaks

Explore the 3rd dimension on one of our killer rides! Many designs to choose from, from serious downtime machines to competition winning freestyle. Add custom graphics and make it a work of art!

Composite Jackson Kayak Designs

We offer composite versions of Jackson kayaks!

Surf Kayaks!

Working with some of the best and most well rounded designers in the world, Murky Waters can provide the wave-riding enthusiast with a complete, cutting-edge product.


Murky Water boats are designed by the world’s foremost designers, and lovingly crafted by experienced glass crafter Ed Skrzypkowski, who is one of an elite handful who deserves to be called an artisan in the realm of composite boat building. Murky Water Kayaks are known for their superior form, function, beauty, and performance.


Murky Waters builds high tech layups that are light and stiff like carbon but resist damage from impacts. Whether you’re bouncing down Buseater Wave or tapping the river-bottom 15 feet under, these boats let you focus on the action instead of worrying about your equipment.

—Clay Wright, 2x World Squirt boat Champion
and 6x US Freestyle Team member

Call Us!

Questions or ready to get started? Murky Water boats are built to the highest standards with the highest quality materials at a very competitive prices. Please drop us a line at info@murkywaterkayak.com or call us at 905.692.5954 for details on pricing. We do not provide prices online because each order is truly custom.

Squirt boating is a form of whitewater kayaking where the boat is designed to be as low in volume as possible while still allowing the paddler to float. Squirt boats are designed to utilize both surface and underwater currents to manoeuvre within the water.

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