The Spy is a slinky little wisp of a boat that excels at all the aspects of pure squirt boating. Designed to accommodate paddlers with a short inseam (28″ and below), it is the perfect screwing, cartwheeling, and downtime machine for smaller squirtists. The boat is unique within the Asylum series in that it has considerably more “tool” area in front of the footbumps than either of it’s bigger siblings, allowing better mystery ability for its length. The Spy is super-smooth through below-vertical, vertical and past-vertical transitions and washouts, sinks smoothly and loops effortlessly. The Spy competes well at both traditional squirt competitions and mystery move competitions. It is a proven design, placing first at the 2002 US National Championships (Women’s Squirt) and taking the Silver Medal at the 2002 PreWorld Freestyle championships (Women’s Squirt).


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Jim Snyder

Jim-SnyderJim is a world famous kayak designer and paddle maker. He’s been doing both for decades and is credited with helping the sport evolve into the cubic state it is in today. He was one of the pioneers of squirtboating and was the first person to cartwheel a kayak on flatwater in 1981. Jim began his whitewater career as a raft guide and lives like a squire in northern West Virginia. He was inducted into the International Whitewater Hall of Fame years ago but claims he only needs rocks and water to keep himself happy.

In 1980/81, Jim designed his first kayak- the Slice. It was the first commercially produced short boat in the country. The next year Jess Whittemore kicked off the sport of Squirt Boating by discovering many new exciting moves in his long pointy squirt boats~ fun things like Blasting and Splats. Jim detoured into trying to design a cartwheel-able boat and went off to design his own shorter squirt designs. In 1983 Phoenix Kayaks started making Jim’s Arc design and an early prototype of that design (the “Baby Arc”) was the boat he did the first flatwater cartwheels in- fetching 12 ends right off the bat in January of ’83. New Wave Kayaks started making his designs in 1985 and they were the major factor in popularizing the sport of squirt boating. Today Jim’s designs are produced by Murky Water and PS Composites.