Phoenix Description


About the Designer

Vincent Shay was to become heavily involved with the relatively unknown sport of ‘surf kayaking’ in 2000. Since that time, he was a multiple champion on the West Coast, but also nationally. He made the USA West Surf Kayak Team in 2003 (did not attend) and again in 2005 where he was part of the World Champion Team during the 2005 Costa Rica Worlds.

Always excited about design, Vincent got involved in around 2004 with helping to push the sport forward by designing the PS Composites/Mike Johnson Aquarius along with Steve Boehne of Infinity Surfboards. He also helped Randy Phillips design the Mega Intruder.

Going on his own in early 2005, Vincent designed the Reaction Surf Kayak and even to this day this particular surf kayak is really popular. This also solidified a working foundation with Murky Water Kayaks in Canada that now produce all his designs.