About Us

Welcome to the home of Murky Water Paddling Supply.

Welcome to the home of Murky Water Paddling Supply. We are located in a small town in Southern Ontario, and have had the pleasure of building boats for some of the best and most extreme paddlers around the world. Our main focus is high-performance squirt boats, and we are dedicated to the kayaking community!

Murky Water boats are designed by the world’s foremost squirt designers, and moulded into 3-dimensional reality by experienced glass crafter Ed Skrzypkowski. With over 20 years experience moulding, painting and cutting squirt boats and boat in general, Ed is one of an elite handful who deserves to be called an artisan in the realm of composite boat building.

Ed Skrzypkowski

Ed Skrzypkowski

Composite Builder for Over 20 years

Owner and head molder Ed Skrzypkowski is one of very few people that can be considered a true artist in the world of composite boat building.

Murky Water Kayaks are known for their superior form, function, beauty, and performance.  They offer different layup options made from different materials to reduce weight yet increase the strength and stiffness of the kayak.

Ed has over 20 years experience with molding, painting, and cutting squirt boats and boats in general. They make an assortment of boats that include squirt, hybrid, slalom, and surf.  Murky Water offers custom orders that include specialty color, graphics, and size.  The company is scheduled as the Division Sponsor of the Men’s Long Boat class at the World Championships.